About Us

Crank Up the Classic Rock Anthems with The Rotary Dials

The Rotary Dials is your premier band for a night of electrifying classic rock. We’re a group of passionate musicians dedicated to faithfully recreating the anthems of classic rock.

Authenticity with a Modern Edge

We take pride in delivering meticulous renditions of your favorite classic rock hits. From the soaring guitar riffs of Led Zeppelin to the smooth harmonies of Foreigner, our setlist boasts a diverse range of iconic artists that will have you singing along and dancing all night.

The local bar band is a community staple. They bring people together, create a vibe, and make weekend nights special. – Anon

More Than Just a Band

We understand that the right music can elevate any event. The Rotary Dials is the perfect choice for:

  • Bars & Nightclubs: Pack your dance floor with an energetic performance that keeps the party going all night.
  • Private Events: Make your wedding reception, corporate function, or birthday bash truly special with a customized setlist that caters to your guests’ tastes.
  • Festivals & Outdoor Events: We bring the power and excitement of classic rock to any outdoor celebration.

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